Email and Texting Terms of Use

Thank you for your request to enroll to receive CosmoProf® promotional text alerts. By entering and submitting enrollment information, you agree to receive up to 10 automated promotional text alerts (autodialed text messages sent to your phone) from CosmoProf® per month. Receiving text messages is NOT a condition of purchase or other transaction with CosmoProf®. To complete the enrollment process, please reply with the keyword 888333.

Message and data rates may apply, depending on your individual wireless pricing plan, in accordance with your wireless customer agreement. You are confirming that you are the account holder, or are authorized by the account holder, to incur these charges.

You must be 13 years of age or older to sign up for CosmoProf® promotional text alerts on this phone number and are responsible for any mobile message or data rates incurred. By replying with the requested keyword to complete registration, persons under 13 years of age are confirming parental consent to enroll their number in promotional text alerts except where restricted by state law.

Any messages you send in text messages become our property. No remuneration is implied or offered. News and data delivered are believed to be accurate at the time of delivery.

You can unsubscribe at any time by texting “STOP” to 888333. Please note that texting STOP to 888333 will always cause an opt-out confirmation text to be sent to your phone. Please allow up to 5 days for confirmation of unsubscribe. Once you receive the opt-out confirmation, you will not receive any additional CosmoProf® promotional text alerts thereafter, unless you explicitly text STOP, HELP, JOIN, or other advertised keywords connected to the program. If you have any questions, text “HELP” to 888333 or contact us at 866-234-9442.

This service is supported on these carriers as of June 2015: ACG Carriers, ACS Alaska, AIO Wireless aka Jasper, Alaska DigiTel, Appalachian Wireless, AT&T Family, AWCC Allied Wireless USA, Bluegrass, Boost, Carolina West US, Carrier Set 1, Cell 1 East Cent IL, Cellcom US, CellSouth, Chat Mobility USA, Cincinnati Bell, Cingular, Copper Valley USA, Cricket, DTC Wireless US, Element Mobile, Flat Wireless USA, Golden State US, Google Voice, Illinois Valley, Immix, Inland, iWireless, MetroPCS, MTA Communications, MTPCS, Nex Tech Wireless, nTelos, NW Missouri USA, Panhandle USA, Pine Cellular, Pioneer Wireless US, Plateau US, Sagebrush Cellular USA (Cross, Epic Touch, CTC Telecom (Mosaic), Coral Wireless LLC, Peoples Wireless, Duet IP, Chariton Valley, RINA, Siwireless), SouthernLinc Wireless USA, Sprint Family, Sprint PCS, SRT Wireless USA, Thumb Cellular US, Tier 3 US Carrier GL *, Tier 3 US Carrier GL *, T-mobile, T-Mobile Family, Tracphone, Union Wireless USA, United Wireless, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless, Viaero Wireless US, Virgin Mobile USA, West Central WCC.

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